Sunday, February 6, 2011

Copyright Issues

Copyright issues can make my head spin.  I have gone over and over it and watched countless of videos and yet, I question my self all of the time.  I try to be very careful and make certain that my students are as well.  I check and double check before using any pictures.  I love the invention of Creative Commons and applaud the cause-yet I even find my self scared to use items from here!  I here teachers state some of the common "myths" such as "Well, I am just using it for educational purposes".  Hmmm, I hope that holds true for them.  I am afraid that something created for "educational purposes" will end up on the web and it will be a problem...for everyone.  However, I do believe that people should be able to use some material without the hassle of asking permission.  I remember for one of my projects in this program, I found the perfect song for the background of a video that used about one and a half minutes of a Frank Sinitra song.  The professor informed that I could not use it without permission.  We both agreed that less than 25 people would probably ever see it and that, in fact, statistics say that most videos on YouTube are viewed by less than 100 people.  In the end, however, I didn't chance it and used a ditty I created in GarageBand.   I am certain that before the law gets changed drastically, I will finally get a grasp on it!

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  1. Excellent review and narrative on your journey with copyright. Anxiety and frustration are a normal first reactions. Hopefully, you'll feel more comfortable over time, learning and assessing what and what isn't a copyright violation.