Thursday, February 10, 2011

Week 2 Reading-The Art of Possibility

I love this book.  It doesn't really tell me anything brand, spankin' just reminds me and in a perfect way!  I love being around people like Ben Zander.  Mind you, I have never been around him personally, but have watched videos of him and read this book two times.  So fun and upbeat.  I love the premise of starting students with an A and often try that with my students.  His students are perhaps a little more motivated to do well seeing as how they are in a university setting and under his tutelage.  My students often did not choose my class and are just getting through an elective.  Sigh.  I wish my kids were more excited.  I love to learn.  Absolutely love to learn.  And I love to have fun!  I have believed for a long time that you can choose to be happy -it is a choice-and I love the way Roz and Ben talk about it as the possibility.  I think I will try throwing my hands in the air and saying "how fascinating!" next time I mess up (which will not be long from now, I assure you).  
I also loved Roz's story regarding the rafting trip-saying "toes to nose" until they were sick of hearing it. I am doing a similar technique with my students this week while learning about interviewing skills.  I am having them here and state the same things over and over.  But I assure them that this will pay off when they go on an interview-these thoughts will hopefully be so engrained in their little minds that they will remember all these tips!  
If you have never watched the video of Ben Zander on, then I highly recommend it.  Looking forward to living out the concepts in this book!

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