Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week 1-Content Proposal

Wow, having taken a break from the program for awhile, this is a great way to jump in and get my feet wet.  APA is always a struggle.  I don't know why, but it is.  I think that is what bugs me the most.  I know I am a smart enough person, so why is this so difficult for me?  I always loved grammar and anything that made sense, had rules or formulas was a cinch.  Maybe it is just the overwhelming nature of a master's level program and wanting to get it right and still deal with all of life around me.  When I dealt with all those rules before, I was a full-time student.  Ah, that's the ticket! 
The Content Proposal was a little more time consuming than I think it was meant to be, but that is par for me.  I get overly wordy and then have to go back and cut out half my paper and rewrite until it makes sense.  I hear that many great writers do the same thing.  Hmm, maybe I will write a novel once I finish this program!

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  1. Yeah, APA can be such a hurdle. I can totally relate. A fellow CD sent me the following link and I think this addresses a lot of problems related to academic writing: Enjoy.