Saturday, February 12, 2011

Week 2 Comment on Bryan Antos' blog

Lisa Young said...
Bryan Antos wrote: “ Playing these games for hours upon end has helped me with lateral thinking and questioning what is presented in front you. But the sad thing about society is that from the moment you enter school, you are trained to be part of the group; to follow rules and not question. It continues into professional career as well. People rarely react negatively to conservatism and status quo, but present a radical idea and you suddenly have a lot of attention on yourself.” @Bryan- I agree with you. I love my kids that did learn to think through these types of games-you can usually pick them out in a high school class within the first week. So sad that more children don’t play them. We must change schools, but I don’t know how. I also agree with you that when you shake the status quo, you suddenly have authority figures questioning you. Again, I find this sad. Why can’t they listen first? So much in the world changed (for the better) when people questioned the current system. Alas, people, such as myself, have obligations and bills, etc. So I must go along with much of it in order to keep a paycheck coming in.

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