Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week 1-Comment on Bryan Antos Blog

"Additionally, not every piece is saved by my company. The best thing I ever produced (and was copied by Nike and NBA Productions, poorly, except for getting Marvin Gaye's version of the National Anthem, which is awesome) is gone forever. That is sort of devastating to me.........
But you really have to give the law some credit. Being able to use any copyrighted work for parody or education is great."

Bryan- I cannot imagine how that feels to not own your work and then it is not used and gone forever?  Ouch!  I have so many friends who are artists (various types) and I know they would also be devastated.  I guess that is the nature of your business, however.
You also are one of the few people I know who publicly acknowledge the use for parody or education.  Many people do this, but I do not think they even think about is i right or wrong.  I see that as a problem with the high schoolers I am teaching.  They see nothing as sacred, everything should be theirs for the taking.  Not asking, mind you, taking.  They see no problem with piracy or stealing.  They only think it is a problem if you get caught.  Scary. 

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